Like to many of us, Debbie Selsavage's introduction to Alzheimer's and ​dementia was the necessity to provide care for her spouse.  Like most, she found few resources to help her learn how to cope with the responsibilities placed on her, and she had many bad experiences in locating an assisted living facility that would deal with her husband.

Many of the professionals she met did not seem to know how to treat people with dementia.  Finally, Debbie found a small facility operated by a couple who told her they would administer care with true compassion and love.  What she experienced there was totally different and she considered it a blessing to herself and her husband.  She saw her husband become calmer and happy with his surroundings and caregivers.  She observed and learned the techniques of person-centered compassionate care giving.  She determined it would be her mission to teach and practice these skills.

Debbie worked to become Certified as a Dementia Care Giver and also is certified in the discipline known as Positive Approach to Care.

My Successes: 

Coping with Dementia provides training to administrators and care givers at memory care communities, home health organizations, hospitals and other organizations interested in offering the highest standard of care to victims of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Debbie offers confidential and one-on-one guidance in care giving.  She also offers workshops and public speaking events focusing on the topics of quality care for persons with memory care issues.

How SCORE Helped: 

SCORE Certified Mentors worked with Debbie in helping to define her market, improve her web and social media presence and methods for monetizing and growing her business.