Agri Marketing, Inc. dba USA Gypsum was formed in 1998 to meet the need for gypsum drywall recycling and agricultural gypsum products. The company receives gypsum scraps commonly called drywall, sheetrock, wallboard, plasterboard or gypsum board from the construction industry; using proprietary methods, the drywall scrap is transformed into natural gypsum products that are used for lawns or agricultural purposes. The gypsum provides a low cost remedy for acid, sodic, and erosion-prone soils.


My successes. 

In collaboration with mentor Lou Davenport, the management team of USA Gypsum has significantly increased the company’s profitability as well as decreasing its reliance on debt. As Davenport says, USA Gypsum “is a great example of how a good business idea, combined with a fine work ethic and continuous business process improvement can all combine into a successful business that serves both market and community needs.”

How SCORE helped. 

Mentor Lou Davenport assisted the USA Gypsum team in conducting research and development for new products for recycled gypsum board that could generate a gross profit margin of sales necessary to build a sustainable business model. Together they analyzed every aspect of the company's financial structure and secured new loans that would help put the company on stable footing well into the future. The team continues to meet with Davenport to reevaluate and perfect their business model.

USA Gypsum